Dana Holmstrand named WALS winner

(WHEELING) Dana Holmstrand, a student at Wheeling Park High School, was recently named winner of The First Annual WALS Essay Contest. The essay topic was “Please answer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s question: Does mountain top removal coal mining present a moral issue?”

A recent televised debate focused on the issue of mountain top mining in West Virginia. There were a lot of statistics and policy issued bandied about, but WALS believed that one argument advanced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the above topic was worthy of further thoughtful treatment, and thus WALS decided to start the annual essay contest for area high school and college students to reflect on issues of public concern the old fashioned way–by an annual essay contest.

The winner’s essay was reproduced in its entirety in the WALS periodic publication, “The Commentaries,” (see www.firststatecapitol.com); she received a scholarship of $1,000 from WALS towards her college or university expenses; and she and her parents were honored at the WALS Annual Christmas Awards Banquet held in the First State Capitol on December 9.