Education masters programs to launch in summer at OUE

ST. CLAIRSVILLE This summer Ohio University is introducing an opportunity for local residents to obtain a masters degree at the university’s Eastern Campus.

Students will meet face-to-face at the Eastern Campus in St. Clairsville three Saturdays per academic quarter, with additional course activities completed online.

They will offer programs including an Educational Administration master’s degree with Ohio Principal Licensure, the Principal Preparation master’s degree with Ohio Principal Licensure, and an Educational Administration Superintendent License program.

Ohio University is also offering a doctorate in education program through Dr. Jerry Johnson.

Johnson noted the program’s focus on practical experience.

“There is an internship that students are involved in throughout the entire program. There’s an emphasis on immediate application on new information and new skills,” said Johnson.

“It’s really an exploratory thing at this point to see if there’s enough interest and enough applicants to see if we could assemble a viable cohort in St. Clairsville,” he said, adding that he has seen no shortage of applicants.

“It seems there’s some interest and some need,” he said. “Feedback we’ve gotten from administrators suggest many have had to go out of state to do graduate work. We want a face to face program that’s job embedded and relevant.

“Typically, students work in the school where they’re teaching. It’s sort of an apprenticeship with a practicing administrator with a university faculty member to make sure the students get a variety of experiences,” he said.

Dr. George Ash, superintendent at Harrison City School District and Ohio University Eastern RP3 Cohort Coordinator, said they were motivated by the need to bring in a quality program to the area.

Ash noted that the student internship is a key aspect of the program and runs throughout the course of study.

“We’re trying to get practical experience for field learners,” he said. He noted that in course work and field experience, the program takes a balanced approach to considering administrative practice and relevant theoretical foundations.

“People said there’s no way this could happen, that we could have a doctorate program in St. Clairsville,” said Ash. “I wanted to see people like me have the opportunity I didn’t have. We should have equal access to quality education.”

He added that 20-30 people will be taking the class this summer. The program should begin in July.

“It’s very competitive,” he said. “We’re going to get this thing rolling and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

For more information, contact Johnson at (740) 597-3364.

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