Good Man

Dear Editor,

I believe Bill Johnson is a good man.

He is trying to prove himself, but some old “Charlie” fans are trying to cut him down.

Did we forget…we fired Charlie Wilson? We fired him for a reason.

I once supported Charlie until he got to Washington.

Charlie turned away from his voters. Ohio voted 66 percent against Obama care, Charlie voted for it anyway.

Mr. Johnson, is not afraid of Obama or Pelosi.

Mr. Johnson is for the N.R.A. He is for “Coal”. Give the man a chance.

I once believed the Democrats were were for the working man.

Obama is for Obama! Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder are trying to use the United Nations to disarm America. The United Nations have never done anything for the United States of America. If truth be known, they hate us.

The G.O.P. is not the Tea Party, the Tea Party is not the G.O.P. They are two forces working in their own way.

No matter who is nominated to run against Obama – vote for them. The change we need is the president.

Thank you.

John Bilica