Go figure … the Harlem Globetrotters win again

It’s not breaking news, but the Harlem Globetrotters once again captured the world championship.

The clown princes of basketball did so with a victory Sunday afternoon over Team Elite before a huge crowd – young and old – at Wheeling’s WesBanco Arena.

World championship of what league is still to be determined, but the ‘Trotters did walk away with a big silver trophy.

If I were to describe what league the Globetrotters play in, it would be the Entertainment League.

And, yes. They are truly the kings of entertainment as evidenced by their 2-hour performance on the brand-new WesBanco Arena court.

It’s been some 40 years, probably, since I last had the opportunity to take in a Globetrotters game, but, while the names and faces have changed, the entertainment value is still as high as a clear blue sky in mid-June.

Clearly, the Globetrotters are not going to lose to their opposition, but Team Elite did feature a handful of players who had some talent.

“Special K” Daley assumed the role as team ‘spokesman’ with a microphone attached to his uniform. He did his best Meadowlark Lemon impersonation, but, even though the fans were delighted by his antics, they were far from good old Meadowlark.

Even News 9 Sports’ own Rob Metzger got into the act. He was a special guest referee for all of five minutes, but did get to hand a Team Elite player a helium-filled balloon that was made up to resemble a red-white-and-blue game ball.

However, while most fans enjoyed their two hours of entertainment, there were some that weren’t so joyous.

More than a few fans had called ahead, or ordered, for tickets and were told their tickets would be at the ‘will-call’ window. However, upon arriving at the downtown Wheeling venue, the ‘will-call’ window was not open, thus forcing fans to stand in long lines with people buying tickets.

One gentlemen even went as far as calling the arena management, but to no avail.

All in all, however, it was an enjoyable two hours of entertainment – Globetrotter-style – Sunday afternoon.

By the way, is there a restaurant open on Sunday’s in downtown Wheeling?

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