Shadyside Lions

LIONS CLUBS are worthwhile organizations, spreading goodwill and good deeds throughout their respective communities.

The Martins Ferry Lions Club has scripted the blueprint for what such clubs are capable of doing. The Ferry Lions are still in their infancy, just a few years from being established.

But what a few years it has been. The Ferry Lions hit the ground running and have never slowed down. Their list of accomplishments is staggering.

The passionate membership took a big role in the massive renovation of Fodor Field, which included a state-of-art playground, second to none. The Ferry Lions have also planted scenic flower projects in the downtown area and the park. They have several other irons in the fire.

Shadyside, to its credit, is the latest Ohio Valley community to charter a Lions club. It is a move we are glad to see and one we are sure will prove a great benefit to Tiger Town.

We don’t expect the Shadyside to attempt to meet the early success of its northern Belmont County counterpart. That would be too much of an ambitious agenda early on.

The Shadyside organization, however, does have an opportunity to make a positive and longlasting impact. The town is one that oozes with civic pride to go with its aesthetic beauty.

The Shadyside Lions’ foundation is built on 23 members. Rick Ray is the president. He is wasting no time in attempting to get the community and businesses involved.

The new club has some projects already in mind. They include: cleaning up the trash in town, doing work up at Hill View park and assisting anyone that needs some help in the community. All are commendable.

Ray notes that everything that the group takes in goes right back into the community. That is one of the special features of Lion clubs.

We commend the 23 individuals who had the vision to establish the club and urge Shadyside residents to support an organization which will pay countless dividends to the community.