Dear Editor,

One of the important problems facing our country today that few people notice is corruption. Around the world, the problem is bureaucrats on the take.

Here in America, that is not the case.

Our civil service: federal, state, and local are remarkably free of corruption. Instead it is our politicians that are most susceptible. The problem was made much worse when the Republican dominated US Supreme Court struck down parts of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law by essentially holding the money is speech and that a corporation is a person.

Now all sorts of untraceable money are sloshing into our political campaigns. Organizations with patriotic names funded by anonymous donors abound.

A recent example of their impact is seen in the series of TV ads promoting Congressman Bill Johnson. At the end of these ads I expected to see him appear and say, “I’m Bill Johnson and I approve this message.” He never did that because he didn’t have to pay for it. Instead it was funded by a corporation in Washington, D.C. with no ties to our district. Bill may have approved of the content of the message because it put him in a good light, but the content was so general as to apply to all candidates.

Bill Johnson is now beholding to these promoters because of the dollars that they spent for his benefit. The problem for us is that now he owes them. They have him in their pocket and his IOU to them might trump his responsibility to us.


Rich Polinsky