Dear Editor,

I wanted to thank Mr. Dana Brown, the four gentlemen and the Tiltonsville Volunteer Fire Department, and my son, Frank, for saving my life on June 19, 2012.

It was a hot evening (too hot) for golfing especially for an 80-year-old heart patient, but we decided to go. On the golf course, I suffered heat exhaustion and coded. This is when you see there are still good caring people in this Country.

The four gentlemen who carried me into the restaurant, Mr. Brown and my own son, Frank, who started CPR and continued doing so until the EMT’s arrived an transported me to EORH. That in itself was a wonderful thing these men did for me.

But the following day, Mr. Brown, came to the hospital to see how I was doing. I believe that Mr. Brown and the other men are examples of what America stands for.

Again, thank all of you for saving my life.

Mr. Ronald Crook