Storm Help

THE OHIO Valley has once again rallied to those in need.

Last Friday, a vicious storm blew through the area. The quick-striking blast took on the look of a tornado in parts of the valley.

As expected, much damage was realized. Some towns were much harder hit than others, but very few communities dodged the devastating weather bullet.

Fortunately, the loss of life was spared, but the storm left the Ohio Valley reeling to say the least.

Buildings and homes were inflicted with costly damage. Recreation sites took hits, with the city park in Martins Ferry having several huge trees uprooted.

The biggest problem was the loss of power. Some 700,000 AEP customers in Ohio lost their service, thousands being right here in Eastern Ohio. Six days later, many customers are still awaiting restoration of their power.

President Barack Obama declared a federal emergency in Ohio at the request of Gov. John Kasich, who had declared a state emergency and called out the National Guard to check on people needing help.

Over the course of the past few days, stories of passionate cooperation have surfaced. Council meetings in countless communities detail dedicated assistance for the employees and residents, helping those battered by the storm.

The Powhatan Point VFW was recognized for donating a new US flag to the village, replacing the one destroyed Friday. St. Clairsville, Barnesville and Woodsfield are just some of the councils that praised humanitarian efforts in their respective towns.

We are certain there are many more selfless gestures that have not received their just due.

It is unfortunate that such dire circumstances arise. But it is comforting knowing that there will always be a vast pool of individuals ready to respond on a moment’s notice.

That is just another reason that makes the Ohio Valley a special place to live.