The Lord

Dear Editor,

There have been a lot of editorials in your newspaper over the past 12 years about the Bush years and now we are experiencing the Obama years and who’s to blame for what. I would like to stay away from politics due to the fact that I believe both of these men are powerless and that God is, and has always been, in charge for quite some time.

Bible prophesy tells us that before Jesus returns to establish His Kingdom on Earth, that the Old Roman Empire will be re-established as prophesized by Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Zechariah, and throughout New Testament prophecies. That is very interesting news and I will explain why. In the Old Testament we read that Isaac has a son named, Jacob, which God changed his name to Israel. Jacob/Israel had 12 sons which because the 12 tribes of the nation Israel. These tribes were part of God’s promise to Abraham which was Isaac’s father that his descendent would be as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Ten of these tribes did not follow God’s direction to serve no other God’s in 721 B.C., almost 2700 years ago. God allowed 10 of the 12 tribes to be taken captive by their enemy, the Assyrians and were dispersed near Northern Assyria.

What is interesting is that Bible Scholars, have researched extensively where the remnants remain of the lost tribes. They report that the descendents of these 10 tribes are located primarily in the areas of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and Pakistan. Upon more intense investigation we find that one of the tribes traveled to Ethiopia in the days of King Solomon, there is also evidence of Jews from the lost 10 tribes in India and they call themselves Ben-i-Israel and history has it that they are descendants of the tribe “Dan”. There is also Jews living in the tip of Saudi Arabia north of Yemen. Ancient records say that there is a small settlement of Chinese Jews who call themselves, “Beni Israel.” We find Jews in Russia, Georgia and Syria date back to the Pathan Tribesmen which claims to be descendants of the tribe of Reuben.

When we look at these countries, we see the unrest and tension mounting. The United States presence in these countries seems to be undefined. Note also that in the latest peace summit meeting it was noted that Russian leader Putin was very cold and calloused toward our President. Bible prophesy notes Russia being a big presence in the 10 nation alliance.

Bible prophesy states that before Christ returns the ten tribes will show be revived and form 10 nations that will be a big player with there brothers, the other two tribes, Benjamin and Judah which remain the holy land serving God.

Daniel chapter 2 talks about the Anti-Christ and the worldwide power he will claim as the 10 nations of the former Roman Empire mount a massive military alliance, dominating Europe and the Mediterranean Region Daniel uses the symbolism of clay to describe three weaker nations and he uses the symbol of iron to talk about the seven stronger nations. Daniel 7:24 talks about the Anti-Christ seizing power over the three week nations and the remaining seven nations will submit to his power, giving him authority over all 10 nations.

I realize this is an election year and that Americans have to make a choice as to whom they want to run their country. But bear in mind the One who is running the universe and He has the final say when His universe and this age comes to a close. And He has promised that there will be a reward and retribution in relation to those who call Him Lord and those who serve the manifestations of man-made Gods.

God Bless America and the readers of this fine newspaper.

Mark L. Carpino

Martins Ferry

Co-founder of “All Things New Ministries”