Post Office Woes

Dear Editor,

While we know of the financial difficulties that our U.S. Postal Service is experiencing, we feel that dropping Saturday service and possibly eliminating home delivery will devastate a lot of people.

There are so many people who rely totally on the local mail service to their home and businesses and passing the bill that is pending will make it necessary for those folks to have to walk or drive to a centralized cluster (facility) to collect their mail. Congress needs to look at this situation very closely before they try and pass such a legislation. There has to be another way to deal with this financial difficulty.

It is our understanding that the biggest challenge USPS is facing was actually created by Congress?

In 2006, Congress mandated that USPS pre-fund most retiree health obligations for the next 75 years on an accelerated schedule. In just 10 years, USPS is expected to fund nearly a century of health obligations for future retirees. H.R. 2309 (the bill that is before Congress) does nothing to alleviate this burden.

Don’t let Congress destroy your local postal service. Tell your Congressman to vote NO on H.R. 2309.

John J. Callarik

Mayor of Bridgeport