Gun or People Control?

Dear Editor,

Do not think for one minute that our enemies, domestic and foreign would hesitate to attack this country. We know the mindset of the Radical Muslins and there are other affiliated groups with the same intentions. (Remember 911).

Militarily, once a country is attacked, troops must be dispatched to hold the ground. We won the war against the British because they were unable to hold the territories that they attacked. Our forefathers didn’t fight by lining up troops for a head on charge.

They used traps, camouflage and bushwacking. There is an old western adage that says “Sniping, hiding, ambushing and back shootin’ ain’t necessarily bad.” The prim and proper British, while well trained, were no match for this type of fighting.

Here are some statistics:

There are 600,000 hunters in Wisconsin alone. Wisconsin’s hunters are said to have the manpower to be the eighth largest army in the world, with more men under arms than Iran.

Pennyslvania and Michigan have about one million hunters and, adding West Virginia with a quarter million would compose one of the largest army’s in the world. 500,000 hunters participated in Ohio.

Now add the other 46 states and include the number of non-hunters who own firearms for sport shooting, e.g. targets, plinking and self-protection.

Nationwide it is estimated there are over 17 million.

These numbers do not include those who have only a concealed carry permit.

What enemy would want to take on 30+ million armed citizens?

Our president wants to expose us to this risk by signing an agreement with foreign countries to follow their gun control rules. (Ban all personal weapons).

Even if you do not believe in firearms, the crooks are not aware of it.

The president wants to make sure that they DO know you are unarmed.

To paraphrase a much used adage:

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws (and the government) will have guns.

Since the government is run by politicians, is there a difference between them and the outlaws?

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville