Bill of Rights


This is a reply to Ben Lofton’s Bill of Rights letter in the 7/24/12 edition of the Times Leader.

We in the United States of America have the best governmental system divised by man with prayerful guidance from God. This is the result of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights amendments.

We do not need or want another bill of rights. Any government powerful enough t to insure Mr. Lofton’s five bill of rights will at the same time destory our original Constituion and its Bill of Rights.

His #2 bill of rights mentions disenfranchising citizens’ voting rights. I have only heard of the opposite — non-citizens and ineligible persons voting in elections.

The restriction of government to only its delegated powers is essential to its citizens maintaining their God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Donald J. Albers

St Clairsville