Party of Lincoln

Dear Editor,

“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capitol. Capitol is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.” Abraham Lincoln said this in his first annual message to Congress on Dec. 3, 1861.

Imagine hearing this from Republican leadership today.

The Republican Party of today is not the party of Lincoln anymore. Lincoln understood that it is workers who build our great nation. He understood that wealth was created because of workers. The Republican Party of today is only concerned with wealth; not those who work created this wealth.

It’s time to fight back and support candidates who support working families. I was fortunate enough to attend a rally on Aug. 11, in Philadelphia, Pa. where some 40,000 working people stood up for working families and a second Bill of Rights.

America’s second Bill of Rights calls for: Full employment and a living wage, full participation in the political process, a voice at work, a quality education for all, and a secure and healthy future.

At this rally AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said it best when he said, “… we built this country. We wake it up every day, we make it run and we put it to sleep every night – and it’s time that we took it back for the American worker. Anyone who says America can’t afford retirement security, or health care, or decent pay for honest work, or great schools, or a postal service, or cops or firefighters, and teachers and nurses – well, they don’t know what they are talking about and we won’t accept their defeatism.”

Mitt Romney has picked a radical extremist as his running mate and has proven just how bad his decision-making is for working families. Aligning himself with Ryan and his plan for ending Medicare and Social Security puts rest to any suggestion that Romney has any idea what the middle class needs. We’re witnessing the Radical Tea Party extremists drive their final nail into the coffin of what was once the Republican Party.

For years, Mitt Romney, has outsourced American jobs and stashed his wealth in offshore tax havens. He has pondered to extremists within his party, like Bill Johnson and Rob Portman, who put the interests of the ultra-rich before those of the working class.

The distinctions between Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan couldn’t be any clearer. President Obama and Vice President Biden are fighting for everyone to have a shot at the American Dream. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are plotting a nightmare for the working class.

In the election this year, voters have a clear choice between two vastly different visions for America’s future. On one hand, the Obama-Biden ticket wants to strengthen the middle class and restore prosperity for all Americans.

On the other, the Romney-Ryan ticket stands for creating more wealth for those who need it least, and telling the rest of us, “You’re on your own.”

Romney’s selection of Representative Ryan is a clear signal that the Republican Party doesn’t understand the needs and challenges that Americans are facing.

The Republican ticket is the wrong choice for hardworking, middle class Americans, working families, and the future of our Great Nation.


Ben Lofton