Dear Editor:

Bill Johnson is either purposely trying to deceive the voters, outright lying, or is just plain ignorant of the facts. He is currently running an ad that says Charlie Wilson voted to cut Medicare when he voted for health reform. Bill Johnson says he wants save Medicare. Not true.

First of all the $716 billion cut from medicare spending doesn’t cut benefits. The money is what went to private insurers who got the contracts to distribute the funds and savings that will take place with reduced provider reimbursements. Also, Bill Johnson voted for the exact same amount of cuts when he voted for the Paul Ryan budget.

A recent letter to the editor from St. Clairsville made the same mistake. Maybe Bill Johnson is purposely trying to deceive the public with these ads. That same St. Clairsville resident said that seniors won’t be affected by the Ryan budget cuts which is false. Ryan’s budget cuts medicaid to almost nothing. Seniors who end up in care facilities and then run out of money will no longer have Medicaid there for them to pay for their care.

By voting for the Ryan budget, Bill Johnson is voting to make Medicare an $8,000 voucher program. Then having the citizens be at the mercy of private insurers for the rest of their coverage. That’s Bill Johnson’s idea of saving Medicare?

Also outrageous is Bill Johnson’s voting to keep perks such as flying first class and getting gym memberships on tax payers money. Yet he votes to reduce combat vets benefits.

We need to return Charlie Wilson to Congress. Valley residents don’t think like Bill Johnson or share his values.

Britt Johnson