NFL Week 4: Backup QBs are awesome until they get to play

Hey, somebody forgot to tell the Jets they had a game on Sunday. Yes, really, they did! I don’t know who those guys were wearing their uniforms, but that certainly didn’t look like the performance of a team tied for first place in its division. To say the Jets got pounded by the 49ers would be the euphemism of the year. New York managed a paltry 148 yards of total offense, fumbled 3 times, and only converted on 2 of 13 third downs. Mark “Please don’t take my starting job” Sanchez threw an interception and failed to show any signs of life. The hometown crowd started calling for backup Tim Tebow, who made a brief appearance in that ridiculous wildcat offense that fools no one. Does anyone really think Tebow is going to be the savior of this team? Looking at the big picture, the Jets are without Darrelle Revis for the season and they lost Santonio Holmes on Sunday to a foot injury that will likely keep him out for several weeks. Who is going to run the ball for the Jets? Who will Sanchez or Tebow throw the ball to? Somebody better figure out something fast. The 4-0 Houston Texans roll in to town next Monday night.

On a much more serious note, Colts rookie head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and is on leave from the team. Well traveled offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will take over head coaching duties on an interim basis. Pagano, who is 51, has a type of leukemia is common in adults but requires immediate treatment after diagnosis, as the disease tends to spread quickly. Luckily, according to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, AML is curable for some patients using current therapies. Pagano is in the hospital undergoing chemo and will likely be hospitalized for six to eight weeks to finish initial treatments. I wish nothing but the best for Pagano and his family as he heads down the road to recovery.

In other news from the weekend:

For Christmas, he’s buying the entire medical staff sirloin steaks.

Jake Locker has spent more time on Tennessee’s injury report than he has actually on the field playing quarterback. The Titans’ slinger suffered a separated shoulder on Sunday, the same shoulder he injured earlier in the season. An MRI showed no structural damage to his shoulder and he’s listed as day-to-day this week, but Matt Hasselback will most likely get the start against Minnesota. Even when Locker does come back, you have to wonder how long it will take him to go down again? Props to him for winning the starting QB job in the preseason, but it’s tough to hold onto that slot when you’re never healthy.

The Lions love it when they make the history books.

In 2008, the Lions made NFL history when they became the first team to go 0-16. Since they love seeing their names on the pages of the NFL record books so much, they decided to add something else. The Lions became the first team in NFL history to give up a kickoff and punt return for TDs in two consecutive games. Last week, a punt return TD came on a bit of chicanery from the Titans, who channeled their “Music City Miracle” lateral to score a 65-yard punt return TD. And a kickoff return TD was a 105 yarder, the longest in Tennessee history. The history buffs the Lions are, they gave up another 105-yard kickoff return TD (the longest in Vikings history) on the first play of the game this week and a 77-yard punt return later. Add these four special teams scores to a Lions’ fumble the Titans returned for a TD last week and you’ve got a pretty clear picture of why Detroit is 1-3.

We have a Chris Johnson sighting!

Fantasy owners delighted (possibly sarcastically) in Chris Johnson’s 141-yard performance Sunday for Tennessee. Perhaps he’s been running with his eyes closed or his helmet on backwards prior to this week, but at least for now it looks like he figured some things out. Miami receiver Brian Hartline had a monster week with 12 catches for 253 yards and one TD. Last week he had over 100 yards receiving, so perhaps he’s not a fluke? Besides, seems like Tannehill likes to throw the ball around and really, who else do they have on that team to catch the ball? And strangely enough, according to Yahoo, the top added fantasy player after week 4 is Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein. A kicker?? Really? NFL fantasy kickers are really a dime a dozen. Just pick one. They’re all about the same. You don’t have to waste time doing research.

The intriguing match up for week 5 is Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady when Denver visits New England. We’ll see if this looks like the rivalry of old or if the quarterbacks just look, well, old. Dallas, Detroit, Oakland and Tampa Bay all get to hit their snooze buttons a few extra times on Sunday morning, as they are all on a bye week.

Until next week, enjoy the games!