Wake Up Voters

Dear Editor,

If you have Pride and Prejudice controls you i:e: bigotry, racism, and disdain for those of a different creed, race, and nationality, then the Declaration of Independence of the country regarding the theory of government, that all men are created equal, is not your belief.

Those who feel that all people of this country should not have access to affordable healthcare, must consider the fact, that we spend more money than any other country on healthcare; but, have less people with healthcare coverage. Those of you who have health insurance are also at risk, ask RG steel employees.

Mitt Romney, at a fund raiser in Florida, spoke his true beliefs, by not knowing he was being taped.

The situation was similar to the old saying, alcohol loosens the tongue, he thought he was in a safe environment and spoke freely about his true feelings.

Mitt Romney believes that all persons, Republicans and Democrats, who are on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid or other programs are moochers and he doesn’t care about them. He ignores the fact that we paid into these programs and are not moochers. Can we feel he will care about us, with that opinion, if he is president?

His foreign policy claims he will create jobs, this will be done by bringing U.S. industry to full scale war time capacity. He will have a cabinet consisting of these members, Koch brothers, Perry, Hamm, and Mr. and Mrs. Adelson, Haliburton Board of Directors, Blackwater and Dick Cheney.

The Supreme Court will give them total power.

This scenario is the outline of their plans which you will see after the election. He said elect me, and you will see my plan.

Wake up voters, this man does not deserve to be our president, he has disdain for the average American and his hatchet man, Vice President, Ryan, will strip the safety net by using his philosophy of the Catholic faith.

Vote Democrat and keep him and his rich friends from doing what they do good to cater to foreign investments, not American investments, to dodge American taxes.

Alfred Tellitocci