Dear Editor,

Mitt Romney-Flopney is once again trying to deceive the American people.

In August of this year, he stated that he had never paid less than 13 percent in taxes in any single year over the past 10. However, only by manipulating his allowable tax deductions for 2011 did he accomplish this. Of the four million dollars he donated to charities last year, he claimed only $2,250,000 dollars. Had he claimed the additional $1,750,000 million, he would have fallen below the aforementioned 13 percent.

Now I ask you: “Why did he not claim $1,750,000 in allowable taxes? Why would he pay so much more than he owed in order to reach a higher tax bracket? Could it be that he had a change of heart and decided to help the 47 percent of American “Victims” that he deplores? Maybe it was to help reduce the deficit. No, neither of these.

His reasons are quite obvious. He wanted to be at, or above, the 13 percent level. Another was for political reasons only. But the very main reason was that he knew for certain, the he would be caught (once again) lying to the American people!

This man is not only deceiving, dishonest and a proven Flip-Flopper, he is a Liar!

I, for one, will never vote for any person of his character for President of the United States. How anyone else could do this is totally beyond me!

In the coming weeks, the American people will finally see Romney’s true colors!


Lloyd C. Burton