Shadyside hires police officers

SHADYSIDE Village Council has approved the hiring of two new police officers.

Officer Rich Young, formerly of the Powhatan Police Department, has been hired as a full-time officer. His official start date will be Oct. 14. Also hired was Officer Jared Trifonoff. Trifonoff was employed as a part-time officer; and his hire date was Oct. 2.

Young presented a plan to apply for a $20,000 maximum grant to council. The grant provides up to $20,000 for police departments to receive new equipment. All the village has to do is match up to 10 percent. The cut-off date to apply is Oct. 31.

Police Chief Rusty Pratt said that the new police cruiser is in the paint shop, and he is unsure when it will be done.

In other news, the village asked Jay Meek, the head of the street department, to look at and possibly replace a few signs around the village.

Mayor Bob Newhart said that the village would began to pick up leaves next week. Those on the east side would be picked up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and leaves on the west side will be picked up Thursday and Friday.

Councilwoman Connie Gross brought to light the suggestion of village employees getting commercial driver’s licenses. A CDL allows for the driver to operate a vehicle of a larger size.

“We should pay for it,” said Gross. “It would very beneficial for us.”

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