Academic Boost

DO IT for the kids!”

That credo is one made famous by former OVAC Executive Secretary Sam Mumley. The longtime conference director championed the cause of youths up until his death.

It is one we should all adhere to. One local man certainly heeds Mumley’s words.

Richard Hornbeck has stepped to the plate for Bellaire High students. The businessman has established a new scholarship for a Big Reds’ graduate.

The new Richard Hornbeck Scholarship will go to a Bellaire High graduate working on a four-year degree. The student must also complete the first two years at Ohio University Eastern.

The scholarship will be administered through the Bellaire Endowment Fund.

Higher education does not come cheaply. Collegiate costs can be prohibitive, resulting in staggering loan repayments. Thus, the Richard Hornbeck Scholarship will help ease some of the financial burden that goes with college education.

Moreover, partnering the scholarship with Ohio University Eastern is an added bonus. OUE is a quality institution of higher learning, close to home, easing the collegiate transition.

Hornbeck’s generosity provides a great opportunity for Bellaire High students. It provides a vehicle for lifelong success.

Hornbeck’s financial support of Bellaire High students in their quest for knowledge should be commended.

We also hope his good deed serves as a catalyst for similar philanthropy throughout the Ohio Valley.