Recovery Plan

Dear Editor,

As reported by the non-partisan United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, our nation’s unemployment rate has now fallen to 7-8 percent, the number of unemployed Americans has declined to 12/1 million (both 45 month lows) and we, as a nation have now experienced 32 consecutive months of positive “job growth” in the private sector, indicating that, in spite of concerted Republican obstructionism, significant progress has been made, primarily as a result of the efforts of President Obama and Congressional Democrats, to finally return economic prosperity to our great nation.

In addition, if it were not for the regressive and counter-productive strategy of Republican law-makers that has led to the elimination of more than 672,000 public sector/ “government” jobs (mostly teachers, police officers and fire fighters), our nation’s unemployment rate would be projected to now be below seven percent.

Does it not appear quite obvious that Republicans in word and deed attempt to distort and prevent significant economic progress from being realized, as they feel a struggling economy is best for them politically?

Talk about distorted priorities!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, enthusiastically touts his extensive business experience and promotes himself as a “job creator.”

If such may be the case, then why was it that Romney’s business experience apparently served him and his state so poorly when as Governor, the state of Massachusetts declined nationally in job creation from 34th to 47th (out of 50 states?)

Such a record appears to indicate that as a result of his previous experience and record as a Governmental Chief Executive , he would more accurately be described as a “job killer/destroyer” and by no means be considered a “job creator.”

Perhaps that may explain why Romney has been so reluctant to reveal any specifics included in what he refers to as his “economic recovery plan.”


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry