The War on Coal

Dear Editor

I’ve been born and raised in the Ohio Valley. I can remember the Ohio River with feces, condoms, sanitary napkins and fish with sores on them; what little fish still remained in the river. I remember driving past the chemical plants and looking at the hill sides, there was nothing but dead vegetation. The E.P.A. stopped most of these horrible problems and more jobs were created.

I do not want my children or grandchildren to ever experience the Ohio Valley this way again!

The power plants that are closing are not closing because of the E.P.A but because they are old and outdated. The coal mines that have been closed were not closed because of the E.P.A; but because they are union or mined out.

My great-grandfather was a company super for the Hitchman mine. He told me to never trust the big companies because they lie! If a miner mined rock he did not get paid and when the miner did mine coal the weigh man would always short them. The miner’s were paid in script to be used at the company store.

The large corporations are still lying and cheating but now they are better at it!

Coal is being mined at a tremendous rate. Coal exports increased rapidly in 2011, returning to levels not seen since early 1990. This is because of the rising global demand. The United States has increased from 49,942 in 2005 to 106,468 in 2011 short tons.

I have friends who work as coal miners and now some of their sons are working in the mines. I would not write this if I knew their jobs were in jeopardy.

We need to do a little research to get the truth and not listen to the corporations who are lying to our miners. They have a very hard and dangerous job. The companies knew the E.P.A. was going to implement stricter rules and regulations over 40 years ago!

Show the companies we are smarter than they think we are!

John M Bowman Sr