Shadyside Levy

Dear Editor,

Attention all Shadyside residents. I’m sure you all are aware that there will be a levy on the ballet on Nov. 6, for our Emergency/Fire Dept.

I am hoping that everyone of you vote for this levy. We have had a wonderful volunteer department for all my life and all of your lives. Now that can no longer happen. It’s time to pay up. Face it, we all get older as time goes one, and then we all retire.

These volunteers do the samething. Now there is not enough volunteers to staff the department. We have to pay someone to do this job that you’ve had for Free all this time!

Yes, it has been very nice that Neffs has been of great help to us. But, think about it people. It takes time for them to get down here from Neffs. This could mean the life of you or a loved one. You never know when you might have an emergency. That just happens. It could also be your house on fire. I think you would want help as soon as possible. You will get that if you pass this levy.

Oh, yes, and what did I see today? A sign which read “Vote NO on the FIRE LEVY.” I have no idea who put the sign up, but I had so many thoughts, like who are you so that when you need help, our department can tell you, get your help from someone else. If you live in this town, and I’m guessing you do, you better have an attitude changes. Your taxes are not going to increase that much, and to know you have the help when you need it, should be all you care about. All Senior Citizens are getting the Homestead Reduction on your price for taxes.

Please Shadyside, VOTE for this Levy. Thank You.

Nancy Wilson