Misleading Ads

Dear Editor,

I’ve kept my pen put away for long enough.

I’m tired of all the misleading Republican ads (Fire Obama, we fired Charlie Wilson). Enough already. I say “Stop the war on the poor and middle class, Fire all Republicans and don’t hire any new ones.!!” Yes, this country is not in the greatest shape. Most of the faul is in the lap of George Bush (eight years) and his cronies. Obama is not a perfect man, and I may not agree with everything that he beleives in or claims to believe in, but I know that is a genuine and caring man. Charlie Wilson is also a caring, decent, and genuine man. There is “no” “War on Coal.” They just want to make sure that the coal we do use is not going to hurt our planet.

Hey, Republicans … this is your planet too! They want us to have alternative energy resources available.

In closing, Vote for as many Democrats as you can and give them a chance.

Thank you.

Matt Bannan

Martins Ferry