What Recession?

Dear Editor,

Judging by my experience, I don’t think there is a recession in the home repair business in our area.

Last year I needed some repairs done. I saw a cell phone number posted along the highway. The person was soliciting odd jobs. I admire someone who is innovative and try to help themselves. I called the number and found the fellow in Florida. He was probably enjoying the “fruits of his labor.” He ask that I call him when he returned to the area. I called him a few days later. When I told him what I had in mind he suggested that the job sounded “too small” but if I couldn’t find anybody else, I should call him back.

I found somebody through the help of a friend. He showed up without proper tools to do the job. He left with the faucets installed backwards. I ask for no quotation and paid the bill without quibbling.

This year , I had some more work and that fellow didn’t show up in six months.

I called somebody else that hired himself out as a contractor. He didn’t return my call. A friend of mine and relative of his asked him to call but he didn’t.

We call this a recession?

Richard Hornbeck