Monroe economic agreement reached

WOODSFIELD – The Monroe County commissioners entered into a professional service agreement in regard to economic development and also approved a contract for an interim administrative consultant for the Monroe County Care Center during Monday’s meeting.

The professional service agreement is with the Silverlode Consulting Corp, which will provide economic development consulting services such as business retention and expansion, business attraction and maintaining an available properties database.

This agreement will be in effect from Oct. 23 to Dec. 31 of this year, and the company will be paid $3,600 a month for up to 24 hours of consulting service.

Among its services for business retention and expansion are to prioritze and coordinate meeting with existing companies in order to identify expansion opportunities, linked target industries and companies, business threats, risks of closure and other matters.

It was noted the company will assist companies that are considering relocation or expansion to fully consider opportunities for remaining and expanding in the county and will work with the county to take the steps necessary to facilitate the expansion of local businesses.

As to business attraction, Silverlode will identify companies that could potentially locate in Monroe County and will work with those companies to fully consider the options for establishing a facility in the county and will work with the county to undertake the steps necessary to facilitate the companies’ plans.

It also will coordinate and respond to those site selection inquiries where the county meets the established screening criteria.

Silverlode will maintain a database of available properties that are for sale or lease and will publish the list on the county’s website.

Commissioners also entered into contract with LeaderStat Long Term Care Management Resources, for Constance L. Eyman to continue to serve on an interim basis at the Monroe County Care Center.

Eyman will serve as interim administrative consultant for the period from Oct. 13 to Dec. 31, 2012. She is to be paid $70 an hour.