Bellaire council grapples with parking issue

BELLAIRE A previously passed motion in relation to a pair of parking spaces in front of a Bellaire barber shop was again discussed at length during Thursday’s regular meeting of village council.

Councilwoman Pat Thomas originally broached the idea because this particular shop, located in a residential section of town, is having issues with residents taking up the two spaces in front of the business.

Village Solicitor Ed Sustersic questioned council during the previous meeting about discussing the matter further before he drafted an official amendment to the parking ordinance 353.11.

The plan is to classify the two meters in front of the business as customer-only parking during its Tuesday through Saturday business hours.

Nearby residents, who purchase residential parking passes from the village, are currently able to take up those two spaces because of their passes, forcing customers to park at length away from the storefront and walk to receive a haircut.

Councilman Jerry Fisher raised an issue, noting he’d been approached by another barber in town, along with another business owner, inquiring whether they too would receive dedicated parking spaces if this ordinance passes.

Thomas felt it wasn’t the same issues, since the original request is for a business in a residential area of town while the others are located downtown where there is first come, first serve style parking.

It was then suggested that someone needs to check into the number of residential passes that have been issued to residents in this part of time.

Per village ordinance, only one parking pass per household is permitted. However multiple council members and other city officials believed a few households in the area have multiple passes.

It was eventually decided to take the potential legislation back to the ordinance committee to see how best to progress before passage.

-Council passed a pair of ordinances, both by 6-0 votes, pertaining to the operation of sexual oriented businesses inside the village limits.

Ordinance 2012-08 regulates the operation of sexually oriented businesses in the village while 2012-09 prohibits criminal conduct in sexually oriented businesses in the village.

Both were passed upon the third reading.

– Police Chief Mike Kovalyk inquired of council about the possibility of looking into the purchase of a new cruiser.

The department’s three cruisers, not counting the SUV, have 74,000, 90,000 and 100,000 miles on them, respectively.

He noted that repair bills and maintenance issues are starting to accumulate.

“We need to figure out if it cost effective to keep putting money into these cruisers or see if we can purchase a new cruiser.”

Village clerk Tom Sable suggested that during the next finance committee meeting, council members begin exploring options in regard to Kovalyk’s request.

– Councilwoman Lou Ann Bennett gave an update on the recent Boo in the Park held. Bennett reported that nearly 600 kids and 1,000 people overall took advantage of the events. She wished to thank all those who assisted in the event and donated to the cause.

Bennett also asked fellow council members about using a real pine tree for the remembrance tree that will be placed in front of the city building.

It will be utilized for family members and friends to commemorate servicemen and woman, as well as family and friends during the holiday season.

Bennett stated originally, the plan was to use an artificial tree but someone approached her about a nice pine tree that was about to be cut down and asked if the village would like to use it. Council members voted their approval of the plan.

– Mayor Vince DiFabrizio asked Kovalyk if a police escort would be available for the football team as it travels to Cuyahoga Heights on Saturday for its Ohio Division V playoff game. The escort will lead the team out of town and possibly meet the team on its return back into town. Kovalyk said the department will be more than happy to provide such an escort. Vincenzo then asked if someone would check with the Neffs Fire Department if it could also provide an escort vehicle.

– DiFabrizio also informed council that Dick Thomas is interested in the position of the village’s code enforcer. Councilman Jim Piatt stated that he and fellow council members would like to see his credentials, any licenses and other material before voting on the position. Thomas will supply that info to DiFabrizio before the process moves forward.

– The next meeting of Bellaire council will take place Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. inside council chambers.

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