Troubled Times


These are troubled times for America. Are we losing our country? Is our Constitution dead? Are we the generation that will lose American liberty for our children and grandchildren. It is if we let our society continue as it has and we do nothing to change it. We can pass on the blessing of liberty if we are willing. George Washington said “The power under the Constitution will always be with the people”.

President Obama has used his talent as a community organizer to convince people they needed him to organize changes for those who felt dissatisfied with our country. “Hope and change” was his theme. “Hope” for those feeling a need for a better life: “change ” for those who thought changing our form of government to do things differently. His intent was a change to a socialistic form of government. Notice who he had as mentors. He learned from communists and socialists to guide people away from liberty and self reliance. But for “the collective”. He learned what groups of people to organize and back his agenda. His intent was (is) not to”preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, but to undermine it toward the “collective”. Have you noticed how he has chosen inept people to head areas of government?

Obama is not a leader, but a slick speaker serving as a figurehead. He denigrates some of our people will vote for him, they know not why. “My dad told me who to vote for. I don’t pay attention to politics or the news.” A man on the street interview (question) that was on TV was ” did you vote for Obama? Yes! Why? He going to give us money!” Real intelligent. It takes all kinds and they vote too. It is evident he has no love for our country and our Constitution.

His policies failed because he intended them to fail. He toured other countries apologizing for our position in the world. Denigrating the loss of American lives and treasure to preserve their countries and people from evil.

Obama is responsible for more than 200 coal fired electricity generating plants. The EPA in the Obama administration avowed to wage war against the coal industry and raise electricity rates sky high. He said that! If you are a working coal miner, you may not be for long. If you are not working. Why not? Why does Obama refuse to approve new oil drilling on public lands? Gasoline prides are double what they were when he took office. He made many promises that he was going to do to make life better…he hasn’t kept one! He has made them all worse. Spending trillions! Solindra sound familiar?

There is so much more that can be said. These are troubled times for America.


John Nicodemus