Armstrong pleads guilty in rape case

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Several sentences were handed down and pleas heard at Belmont County Common Pleas Court Friday. Judge John M. Solovan II presided.

David Wayne Armstrong, 23, 68137 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville, pleaded guilty to two counts rape of a child younger than 13, a felony of the first degree occurring June of 2011. The crimes each carry a penalty of life without possibility of parole for 10 years. He will be labeled a Tier 3 sex offender. Sentence was set for Jan. 4. A pre-sentence investigation and victim impact statement were ordered.

Lance Michael Adams, 23, 54210 Belmont Street, Neffs, was given community control sanctions after self-terminating from the drug court program. He will serve a sentence of up to 210 days in jail with credit for 179 days, and six months EOCC.

He was originally convicted of breaking and entering, a felony of the fifth degree occurring Nov. 11, 2010 when he entered a garage while he was under the influence.

Solovan noted Adams’ history of struggling with drugs and alcohol.

“When you folks get involved in the synthetic marijuana you don’t know what you’re putting into your body. That stuff is bad, and it’s put on the shelf as if it is a product that’s safe. You’re destroying your body by taking it,” he said.

Vallis Eugene Stephen, 45, 38050 Barnesville-Bethesda Road, Bethesda, was sentenced for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, a felony of the third degree occurring June 9, 2012. He will serve 28 months concurrent with a pending domestic violence charge in another court. He was given credit for 31 days.

In addition, Stephen saw the lifetime revocation of his license and was subject to a Class 2 suspension.

Solovan noted Stephen’s history, including six prior OVI convictions with one at a felony level, and prior convictions of domestic violence.

“You’re a danger to the driving public. You’re very fortunate you haven’t killed someone yet,” he said.

Joseph Mark Antill, 51, 68137 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville, was terminated from EOCC after instances of aggression. He was sentenced to four years in the penitentiary with credit for 838 days served. He was originally convicted of assault, a felony of the first degree occurring Oct. 16, 2009.

Charles Leon Johnson, 32, incarcerated, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of another inmate, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Dec. 15. 2011. He will serve an additional six months.

Jessie Ryan Johnson, 25, 205 South Fifth Street, Martins Ferry, will go to trial Nov. 27 for two counts of burglary, a felony of the second degree occurring Jan. 15, 2012. He faces a maximum of 16 years.

A warrant was issued for Samantha Fisher, 70204 Irwin Street, Lafferty.

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