Martins Ferry council tours waterworks

MARTINS FERRY – During a special meeting of the city council, Water Superintendent Craig Harris took the mayor, safety and service directors, and council on a tour of the water treatment plant. During the inspection, Harris pointed out new upgrades, such as the ozone generators that remove iron and manganese before the water is sent to a distribution pump. The ozone generators were installed about one year ago.

In addition, he pointed out upgrades to the chlorine pumps. Harris said one issue was solved months ago when two relatively inexpensive pumps were installed. The pumps cost $700 each when compared to the prior models, which had cost $7,000 and were capable of more than the city needed.

“It was overkill for the plant,” he said.

Harris said the filtration beds should be upgraded next. The city has put the work up for bid and the beds should be functioning in a few months once the media is in.

The plant has the capacity to produce five million gallons of water daily. Harris added that demand for water has been down recently due to the cessation of summer months and the coming winter. In a rare occurrence, the plant was shut down briefly this past weekend since the reservoir was full.

He also pointed out a generator and air compressor built into one of the plant’s trucks, allowing employees to cut bolts in water-filled areas without having to risk electrocution.

He noted the city is in the process of looking for a new pickup truck to replace a truck dating from 1996.

Harris indicated other equipment and described procedures for dealing with waterline breaks.

He added that the roof is in good condition and has had no issues during the heavy rains. Cameras have also been installed around the plant. Generators and telemetry are in place at the plant, the well field and Sunset.

In unrelated matters, council passed a resolution for the sale of 147/1,000 acres of city-owned real estate to the sheet metal workers for the installation of new parking.

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