Numerous oil and gas agreements approved


Times Leader Staff?Writer

CADIZ – The Harrison County Board of Commissioners were busy with oil and gas business Wednesday, passing seven agreements for road use and leasing of county property.

Commissioners approved:

– Road use agreement 55-12 with Cardinal Gas for 0,12 mi. and 2.6 mi. of Cr 45, 3.2 mi. of CR 22 and .25 mi. of CR 502 for pipeline construction.

– Three road use agreements with Chesapeake Exploration LLC. 56-12 for 2.3 mi., of CR 17, 57-12 for 4 mi. of CR 17, 58-12 for 1.4 mi. of CR 44 and 1.2 mi. of CR 17.

– Agreement 52-12 and 54-12 with Chesapeake Exploration to lease 34 acres and 187 acres of land respectively on the property where the County Home is located. The 34 acre lease is in Archer Township signed for $170,000 and the 187 acres in Cadiz Township for $935,000 both at $5,000 per acre with an 18 percent royalty agreement. The board also approved agreement 53-12 for 40 acres on the location of the County Fairgrounds for $200,000.

Meanwhile, Scott Blackburn, director of the Harrison County Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) was on hand for the awarding of the bid for the renovation of two restrooms at the DJFS building. The contract was awarded to solo bidder Kinsey Construction Inc., of Harrisville which proposed a total of $21,640 for labor and materials.

The two restrooms are currently unusable following the repairs to the sewer lines in the building and plans call for the renovations to combine them into one handicapped-accessible restroom. The bid names Smith Plumbing of Cadiz and D&E Electric, also of Harrisville as subcontractors.

The commissioners also were finishing up some end of year business clearing up some funds from shale leases: The commissioners appropriated $84.48 into Examinations for final state mandated costs for the airport; $3700 into Postage smart bill for the Treasurers office; $50,000 into commissioners Other to pay for the demolition of the adjacent Heinz Building, $28,500 of that total for the demolition, $10,500 for asbestos removal with the remainder going for a fence, gravel or asphalt paving and the filling of a cistern unearthed during razing of the structure.

The board also transferred $845 from the Markers line item and appropriated $282.34 into the Memorial Day fund to insure there are enough flags and markers for the 2013 grave decorations.

Commissioners also transferred $70,000 to the Government Center, $28,328 Legal Computer, Clerk of Courts and $99,000 to magistrate’s office.

Commissioner Don Bethel explained that at the recommendation of Harrison County Auditor Patrick Moore the county would transfer the funds to clear some of the county’s long term debt from the deficit.

Moore stated that the transfers would clear up county debt that has been on the books for 6 to 8 years.

Commissioner Barbara Pincola stated, “We are finally in the place where we are going to be able to clear up or at least catch up on some of that debt.”

In other business:

The board approved an increase in appropriations for line item Levy Supplies at the request of Sheriff Ronald J. Myers.

Approved transfers for the Harrison County Veterans Commission of $93.85 from hospitalization, $289.49 from workers compensation, $1,500 from burials and $828.05 from P.E.R.S. to expenses.

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