Shadyside students receive dictionaries

SHADYSIDE Judge Frank Fregiato passed out dictionaries to the third grade class of Jefferson Elementary. The dictionaries were provided by the St. Clairsville Rotary Club.

“Our purpose is to expand the opportunity of all third graders and we believe that by St. C Rotary providing dictionaries every year to third graders within 20 years there will be a rotary dictionary in every household in Belmont County,” said Fregiato, who has been doing this for 10 years.

The students that receive the dictionaries can keep them in their desk to use during class or take them home to use. The dictionaries doubles has an encyclopedia providing state capitals, principals, among other things.

These are given to public and private schools third grade class. Any home schooled student can contact Judge Fregiato.

The rotary club, when beginning this project, were advised by experts that third grade was the year having these the dictionaries would make a difference.

” The dictionaries are more than a dictionary it’s almost like what use to be called encyclopedia We believe having their own dictionary creates pride in the individuals and developing a library later on in life,” said Fregiato.

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