Policy Disasters

Dear Editor

“Not even the Department of Justice is above the law … the best way to disinfect the putrid mess that is Fast and Furious is to expose it to sunlight.” – New York Post, 7-11-2011.

What has the Obama/Holder Justice Department not deceived the public about?

If you want a perfect picture of the political corruption that should “offend” Americans when they think of the Obama Administration, just look at the government – gun smuggling and the outrageous behavior throughout the runaway “putrid mess” in Benghazi.

The full story about Fast and Furious and what happened in Libya, down to the last detail, may never be known.

But, you don’t need to get sprayed by a skunk to know that the critter stinks.

The election’s behind us — and the voters are convinced that the “fundamental transformation” of America is the way to go.

Moreover, a lot of people were also convinced the earth was flat.

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville