Election Aftermath

Dear Editor,

The election of 2012 has ended. We must now try to piece together, the events that led to the final outcome. The Tea party/ G.O.P. tactic of obstructing any plans of the President, to keep the country hostage, thereby denying all proposals to move the country forward, guaranteed that, the recovery would be very slow and allow them to claim, that the President had no solutions for the economic situation. The election has defined the political parties, i.e.: Democrat Party, Tea Party, and the G.O.P. minority party.

We now know the force behind the former Republican Party, i.e. Tsars, Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, FOX Network and multi-millionaires and billionaires. Their new philosophy, is anarchy, not democracy.

We are now being enlightened. to a new facet of enterprises, being affected by the outcome of the recent election. We are being told that the recent re-election of President Obama, is threatening, the demise of a certain enterprise in the Ohio Valley, and some other locations. Are we being led to believe that, the election of a President, not of their choosing, will destroy America’s enterprises. What happened to the House, Senate, and Supreme Court? This country is still a democracy and the President does not have total power.

Alfred Tellitocci