Three Stories


I want to comment on three articles recently appearing in your newspaper.

The first one concerns St. Clairsville’s opposition to the possibility of the state collecting the cities income tax and subsequently returning it to the city.

I wish to remind Mayor Vincenzo and the council that a substantial majority of the cities citizens opposed the income tax. However the citizens opposition did not matter to the mayor and council as they forced it down our necks.

Not only did they force the tax upon us they employed a private company to collect it thus wasting some of the tax.

The second article concerns the idea of testing everyone for the aids virus.

These test would only add to the cost of everyone’s health care and are not necessary.

Why is there such a push to be so politically correct. The only people that need to be tested are drug users, homosexuals and those who engage in pre-marital and other reckless sexual behavior.

The third article was you editorial concerning Memorial Park.

I voted against the park levy and will again if placed on the ballot.

If those who use the pool want it, let them pay for it! If those who want and use the park want it let them pay a fee to support it!

I am tired of the taxes I pay being used to provide a minority of taxpayers with parks, amphitheaters, walking trails etc. for a minority of taxpayers, subsequently requiring all of us to pay for them.

Thank You,

Milton Sumner