Festive Times

THE HOLIDAY season has officially been ushered in.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in our rear view mirrors and Advent commencing today, we are entrenched in the most festive time of the year.

The days leading up to Christmas Day are filled with anticipation and excitement for young and old alike.

Communities rally around their respective Christmas parades. Some communities such as St. Clairsville, Martins Ferry, Bellaire and Wheeling have already staged theirs, while many others will unfold in the coming weeks, including the ones in Shadyside and Bridgeport today.

We encourage Ohio Valley residents to support the parades, whether they are in your town or a neighboring community. Much time and effort go into such productions. Parade organizers have a tough task, one that yields little glamor but deserving of our kudos.

Parade-goers are able to forget their daily troubles for a few hours and immerse themselves into the sights and sounds of the season. Seeing the joy in children’s faces warms even the coldest hearts.

Shopping comes to the forefront, post Turkey Day. Gift-seekers looking for that perfect present will continue their missions passionately until the 11th hour.

We encourage holiday shoppers to spend their money locally. By doing so, area merchants can realize much-needed revenue and make up for the sluggish economy which has enveloped the Ohio Valley for much too long. Taking our money outside the area will eventually take our precious jobs along with them.

And not to be lost in the glitz of Christmas is the extra need for precaution.

Be it safeguarding your gifts or avoiding fires from the influx of holiday lights and trees, tragedy need not rear its ugly head this season.

We encourage our readers to relish the season at hand. It is like no other time of the year.