Red Devils honored

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – It is a proud time for St. Clairsville and Belmont County after the recent state-level accomplishments of the St. Clairsville Red Devils this past football season. Belmont County Commissioners Wednesday passed a resolution honoring the team and Coach Brett McLean.

The coach and team members visited the commissioners during their meeting.

This past weekend, the team capped its 14-1 record with a first-ever appearance in the OHSAA State Championship game.

Praise also went to McLean, who has led the team to qualify for playoffs six times with two 10-0 seasons, and who completed his most successful season in his 11 years of leading the team.

Commissioner Ginny Favede congratulated the players, noting that they will remember this accomplishment for years to come.

“We are all so amazingly proud of you,” she said, adding that the lessons learned in sports such as teamwork, responsibility, their own measure and capabilities, and the value of hard work, will profit them throughout their lives. “I congratulate you all on being such good men, such good women, such good athletes.”

Commissioner Charles R. Probst, Jr. added that the team’s accomplishments have been followed with interest by surrounding counties.

“You give us all bragging rights and we’ve all pulled together,” he said. “This resolution speaks for all the residents of Belmont County.”

“You’re among the elite in Belmont County,” said Commissioner Matt Coffland. He recalled the strong showing of supporters in the stands during the event. “What’s amazing is how everyone in the county comes together.”

Commissioners congratulated McLean on instilling in his players the importance of inner drive to persevere and strive for success both individually and as a team.

“Without you, none of this would be possible,” said Favede. “It’s such a thrill to be here and to acknowledge all of you.”

“This is something you’ve instilled in them that they’re going to carry through for the rest of their lives,” Probst said.

Coffland also complimented McLean on the quality of the players’ characters, which he helped to shape.

McLean credited the players, their families, and added that the cheers of county fans were a source of inspiration for the team.

“The overwhelming support of Belmont County, when you turned around and looked into that crowd and it was wall to wall red and grey,” he said. “We’re proud to be the St. Clairsville Red Devils but we’re just a part of a county that’s a real proud county in the state. We’ll continue to work to compete at that level.”

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