Johnson Supporter

Dear Editor,

I am a retired steelworker of 34 years from what is now known as the former R.G. Steel Company. I have taken a long hard look at how Congressman Johnson represents the 6th District and I can say with certainty that I appreciate his hard work and support him.

Congressman Johnson started his term in very bad economic times, and he has fought hard for all of us since taking his office.

First of all, I commend the United Steelworkers Of America for sending a letter of gratitude and appreciation to Congressman Johnson for his assistance in aiding R.G. Steel obtain new liquidity and helping secure over 5,000 jobs last January 24th, 2012. This letter was signed by U.S.W. International President Leo Gerard, District 1 Director David McCall, Key Staff, and all of the R.G. Steel Local Union Presidents, and in this letter there is no mention of the Ormet situation.

Congressman Johnson also expressed his concerns to the Bankruptcy Judge over any bid for the Mingo Junction Plant being purchased by another company and being torn down and sold for scrap.

Congressman Johnson has been in contact with Frontier Industrial Corporation and let them know the local economic devastation. He has asked them to consider restarting the Mingo Plant and has offered to meet with them and to be helpful in restoring these jobs. He has also been in contact with Severstal N.A. to encourage them to return the Coke Plant to maximum capacity as it has the potential to employ hundreds of Steelworkers throughout the area.

Congressman Johnson’s representation has not just been tied to the Steel Industry. He has fought long and hard in support of the Coal Industry, to keep the mines open and the miners working. This also applies to the Power Plants. He is committed to fighting over-regulating, by state and Federal Government, which is hindering these jobs in these industries.

Congressman Johnson is in support of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry brining jobs to our area. He supports training and education for local people in getting these jobs.

If you do the research, you will see that Congressman Johnson has been doing a damn good job in Washington representing the people of the 6th District.

I know for sure that Congressman Bill Johnson is everywhere to be seen and talked to. He is dedicated to serving the people of our District, as he and his staff always do. Thank you Congressman Johnson and keep up the good work.

Ed Dudzik