Election Loser

Dear Editor,

I really don’t want to sound like a poor loser, but I am. As is the whole United States.

I am working now, but as a coal miner, I know the end is near. The people of America voted for four more years of reckless spending, heavy taxation and high unemployment.

All I can figure is Romney voters must all had to work that day while Obama voters all had that day off and all other day’s off.

Also, all other Obama voters are hoping for four more years on the couch with my tax money ending up in their mail box.

Sorry to break your bubble, but the end is near for you, also.

All the Seniors who were worried about Medicare and Social Security, I must say, I’m sorry, Mr. Obama’s Health Care already took most of that right out from under your stupid noses.

We will all end up like sheep and be swallowed up by Obama Nation very soon.

“God Bless America”

John Bilica