Warm Classrooms

THE SWITZERLAND of Ohio School District is in the midst of widespread construction. More than $80 million is being poured into new buildings and facilities.

The expansive school district has been in dire need of such a major renovation project for years. Some students — such as those in Beallsville and Monroe Central — are already housed in new classrooms.

River High students are not so fortunate. In fact, the Hannibal-based school is currently undergoing its construction work with the students still on site, albeit currently on Christmas vacation.

The situation has not gone without its share of problems. Moving the Pilots’ home football games to rival Magnolia High School was one of the smallest hurdles.

River students have been exposed to several issues, the foremost being heat, or a lack of it, at times. It is not too much to ask for students to learn in warm classrooms.

Possible problems with mold and air quality have also come into question.

The board of education faced a tough decision at its meeting earlier this month, that being whether to keep the students at River High or to relocate them to the Swiss Hills campus in Woodsfield. There, they would be housed in the modular trailers that were once occupied by Monroe Central High School students.

Board of education members opted to keep River students at River. They did so with assurances that the heating system was operating more efficiently.

We are all for keeping the Pilots at their current venue. Trekking to Woodsfield makes for a difficult daily commute. Going to school in modular trailers in not academically conducive.

But should the River High heating system again encounter problems in January, Switzerland of Ohio Board of Education members will be the ones feeling the heat.