Fiscal Cliff?

Dear Editor,

With a great deal of thought over the last couple of days concerning the elected officials in Washington, D.C., I am, without a doubt, dissatisfied with the antics the Congress, the House and the President are treating the people of our country. We elected these people to make decisions, decisions that will keep this country running and bringing jobs and a sense of well being to the general public.

When the President said the Congress, the House and He would be taking a few days to celebrate the Christmas Holidays, it bothered me. Where is the commitment to the American people. Where is their elected position supposed to be?

It is not that I don’t want them to celebrate the Christmas Holiday, but to keep this country running without burdening the population of the United States. They and I mean all of the players in the Fiscal Cliff agenda should have kept themselves in Washington, D.C., to finish a job they started a long time ago.

I know these people were just elected, but I’m sure in four years the general public will speak up and tell the politicians in Washington, how we feel.

Phil Wallace

Martins Ferry