Fitch named Bethesda council president

BETHESDA – Bethesda Village Council convened for December, marking the last meeting of the year. Updates of the water project, a new council president, and the approval of two new members of the Bethesda Volunteer Fire Department highlighted the night’s agenda.

The Council voted Paul Fitch in by a margin of 4-2. He will take position of council president as the New Year approaches. Mayor Marty Lucas also had some changes of his own to improve efficiency at each of the meetings. A form has been drawn up for residents wishing to bring a topic up before village council. For documentation and organizational purposes, the village asks this to be done to ensure each of the residents concerns will be addressed. These can be obtained from Police Chief and Village Administrator, Jeremy Campbell.

Lucas also wanted to extend gratitude to many of the members around him for a well-collaborated year by all parts involved. “Everyone in this room has contributed in a lot of new ways this past year, you all have helped pick up the slack left, as Tim (Zdanski) did so much.” Lucas praised of his peers. He also mentioned Richard Quinland for his extensive work on the water project to improve the water system. Lucas also commended, fiscal officer, Rick Burkhead for his tireless efforts to maintain many aspects of the Village behind the scenes.

Officials will be observing structural unsafe properties in the coming months, as the continued safety concerns grow for surrounding neighbors and residents.

Obtaining two grants for improvements were narrowly missed, one of which was plan to be used for paving purposes. The Village is eligible to re-apply for the next year.

Campbell has completed the Village Administrators report for the year. As the Police Chief, he has also compiled a detailed log of each of the calls into the police department, as well as, types of stops, locations, charges, and demographics of each.

Bethesda Volunteer Fire Chief Neil Young brought two members applications to be approved for additions to the department. Both were granted adding two firemen, with one doubling as EMS too.

A meeting is being scheduled as the State Liquor Board considers approval of a liquor license for the local VFW. The proximity to establishments such as a church will be a concern to be examined, before procedural approval.

The next meeting will be held at the Municipal Building on January 24th.

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