St. C. council puts 2012 to bed

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – City council met briefly Monday afternoon to review finances and pass several ordinances to close out 2012.

These included an ordinance to make permanent appropriations for the normal expenses and other expenditures through Dec. 31, 2013. Appropriations for 2013 amount to $12,914,069.25.

Also, council passed an ordinance to adjust permanent appropriations for 2012. Council passed an additional $5,000 grant for computers for the police cruisers, $1,971.73, and $3,928.27.

In addition, council passed an ordinance approving line transfers for the normal expenses and other expenditures of the city for Jan. 1, 2012-Dec. 31, 2012.

Also, council passed a resolution determining the lowest and best bid for a Duperon Flexrake low flow mechanically cleaned bar screen to improve the sewage treatment plant screening system. The contract was awarded to the Duperon Corporation for the amount of $52,250.

Finance Director Cindi Henry has closed out her first year managing the city finances.

“I’m really happy with how the department heads have worked with me to see to it that we’re all on the same page,” she said, thanking the city officials for their cooperation. She said she is working with the department heads to streamline the requisition process for greater clarity in keeping records. “I feel as though the city’s doing okay at this stage of the game.”

She added that she has mastered the software necessary to handle the books. She added that the only major change to the finances was the establishment of a permanent improvement fund, passed before she took office.

She added that in 2013 St. Clairsville and other municipalities statewide will face financial challenges including an end to estate tax monies. Local government funds will also be lost by the middle of the year.

“We won’t be having that revenue, so it’s going to be real interesting to see where the chips fall next year,” she said.

Mayor Robert Vincenzo has also been regularly updating council on the state’s ongoing plans to centralize income tax collection, possible ill effects locally, and the efforts of municipalities to make some input.

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