Drug raid nets three arrests

MARTINS FERRY – Three people were arrested this morning by the Belmont County Drug Task Force following a raid at a residence in Bridgeport around 3:40 a.m.

Cash and drugs were confiscated.

The raid was conducted at 501 Rhodes St. The Bridgeport and Martins Ferry police departments, along with the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, Belmont County Drug Task Force and Echo from the Ferry PD all took part.

Taken into custody were Eban B. King, 40, of 440 Richmond Park East, Richmond Heights, Ohio; Denzel A. Crowell, 22, of 2037 Goodnor Road, Cleveland, and Gloria Gonsalves, no age available, 2440 Noble Road, Cleveland.

A spokesperson at the Belmont County Jail said the three were not yet booked in at press time.

Confiscated were approximately $1,200 in cash, crack, heroin and some marijuana.

A Bridgeport police officer said the three were renting the house where the raid was conducted.

“This is the sxith raid in the last three weeks,” said Martins Ferry Police Chief John McFarland.

“Once again, the officers who participated in the raid were thorough and did an excellent job, Cooperation among the departments in the drug task force is outstanding.

“We are going to keep on hitting them, and hit them hard.”