Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of my family and friends to send a personal “thank you” to Anonymous. Over the past three weeks or so, we have been following the local alleged rape case. Sadly, we have been shocked as more and more information is being revealed. In the end, however, we realize that decisions will be left to our court system and we pray that there will be “justice for all.”

For anyone that feels that the beloved Big Red football team, their coach, or any individuals were attacked by Anonymous, keep in mind there is only one victim here. Although, her voice was silenced by her alleged attackers, Anonymous stepped up and spoke for her. As time passed, thousands of others followed suit. Most of these people I am sure she doesn’t even know. They simply want justice.

Let this incident be a wake up call for all. Years from now, it won’t matter if we had a local state championship football team; but, it will matter that our youth stepped up and did what was right when given the chance.

My hope is to someday read a letter to the editor from Jane Doe letting the people of this area know that she has done great things with her life, in spite of this dreadful nightmare.

In closing, none of us are anonymous, we are all well-known to a higher power that will hand down final judgment to each and every one of us.


Concerned citizen and mother of two daughters

Lisa Brown