Time to Vent

Dear Editor,

My first vent involves the debt limit.

This is the fifth time Obama has asked to raise the debt ceiling. Why is it so critical now but when Bush wanted to raise it, then Sen. Obama voted against it, and went on to say that it was un-patriotic, that Bush was taking out a credit card in your children’s name from the Bank of China and leaving your kids and grandkids with an unsustainable debt! Such hypocrisy! The only thing the Democrats have to do is agree[on paper, since they are known to lie on this matter] to future spending cuts, “maybe in a budget” that are causing the ruination of our country, real cuts not the garbage they are trying to pass of as cuts.

My next vent involves the Hurricanes Sandy relief bill. They are blaming Republicans in the House for not passing it, when in reality the blame lies with the politicians who added billions of dollars in pork to the bill that does nothing for the victims and in some cases not even the areas devastated.

They need to post the names of every politician who introduced and supported this added pork so that they can be asked why they are denying the need relief because of their stupid sausage making practices!

The last vent involves the gun control issue. Since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, every liberal station and every liberal pundit has talked non-stop about gun control, saying it would have prevented the tragedy. But yet you never hear them talking about some of the other child deaths that occur daily. According to the CDC’s latest records of 2010, 7 teens between the ages of 16 and 19 die everyday from motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

That’s 2,700 teens that die every year, and 282,000 more are treated and released from Emergency rooms for their injuries, yet we still keep handing them the car keys. Those numbers don’t reflect the age groups from newborn to 15. Also according to the CDC’s 2010 records, 1,537 children died that year from abuse and neglect! Even so, Childrens Services and Judges keep giving these children back to their abusive parents, because it’s their right. Why do these people have rights, but we the legal gun owners have ours threatened by our own government? We were granted these rights under the Second Amendment to OUR Constitution. There have only been 27 Amendments to Our Constitution and the Second saying, a well regulated militia, being necessary to the Security of a free state, the Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed. These politicians and supporters have one agenda, to disarm the American People. They have passed hundreds of laws already to no avail, because criminals do not obey laws! Just look at Chicago, New York or Washington D.C., these cities have the strictest gun laws of our country yet still have the highest crime rates! Criminals do not obey the law!

They won’t let an armed guard protect our children, but it’s okay for politicians movie stars and the elite to have protection for themselves and their families! It’s okay to violate current laws and send arms to drug cartels and crooks in Mexico [Fast and Furious] to kill their citizens with and even cross back into the U.S. to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on our own soil, and to date no one in this administration has had to answer for his death. David Gregory violated D.C. law when he tried to intimidate the NRA’s Wayne La Pierre in an interview on Meet The Press with a so-called high capacity clip, which is already prohibited in D.C. and as yet has never been prosecuted! I guess gun laws don’t apply to liberals if your on the right side of the fence. New laws won’t do anything to stop the violence we are seeing, just enforce the ones you have now!

As one blogger said, you can’t Legislate Evil! Only an evil person could willingly take the life of another person unless your protecting family or Country, and these people with a conscious live with their decision every day, ask any cop or veteran. The evil can kill a child without a second thought, no law will ever change them. No truer words were ever spoken when Mr. La Pierre said that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

Thank Goodness for the Good Guys, but we need more of them not less. Stay vigilant America and tell your representatives exactly how you feel about their useless attempts to impose gun control on Law Abiding Citizens. Thank you,

Dwain E. Knight