Creating Jobs

TEAMWORK IN any undertaking is a valuable ingredient.

That recently played out again in Harrison County. As a result, a more vibrant economy may soon come to fruition thanks to the creation of additional jobs.

County Road 10 has received an upgrade. On the surface, that may not seem like such a major development. It does become a significant happening when that road project spawns improved infrastructure, which in turn leads to more jobs being made available.

That cooperation came together through the combined efforts of a quartet of entities. The Governor’s Office of Appalachia, Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Harrison County Commissioners each donated their resources in a productive public-private partnership.

The county received a check for $107,000, representing a grant from the State Appalachian Development Program, and $175,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation. Those funding awards played big into making the needed work become reality.

County Road 10 is now capable of handling a much larger and heavier industrial workload. That is reflected by the ability of a Harrison County mining company now being able to safely transport coal from the new Vail Mine to the preparation plant in Tuscarawas County.

After that, the coal will be loaded on trains. All along the way, new jobs will be spinning off.

That is what bureaucratic teamwork should be all about.

We hope such positive practice is repeated in Eastern Ohio as it can forge a more vibrant economy in conjunction with the burgeoning shale industry.