First Energy talks electric aggregation

SHADYSIDE A representative from First Energy Solutions attended the regularly scheduled Shadyside Village Council meeting Monday.

Emily Ferdinand attended the meeting to provide council with more information about the savings that the village of Shadyside can realize by switching over to First Energy.

This is Ferdinand’s second time talking to the members of council.

She first came down during the summer to talk about electric aggregation.

At that time there was still some uncertainty about where the rates might fall. Since that visit, there has been more clarity about the type of savings an aggregation program can bring to the village and its residents.

“Aggregation allows the village to put out a ballot issue to residents that they can either approve or not approve that provides the village the authority to negotiate an electric rate on behalf of all residents within the village unless they chose to opt out, so the majority of people don’t take the time to actively go out and shop for the best rate,” said Ferdinand.

“A program like this provides those people the ability to save money without doing that on their own.”

Mayor Bob Newhart asked Ferdinand about the possiblitiy of putting the street lamps on this program, which she is going to check on.

One thing that Ferdinand recommended was to have public hearings to better educate the citizens of what kind of savings that this program can provide.

First Energy Solutions will help with these public hearing. providing more information and answering questions.

The next meeting of village council is slated for Monday, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m.

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