Voting for Safety

SAFTEY IS at the forefront for all school districts across the nation.

Such great emphasis is a result of the continued and deadly violence infiltrating our classrooms. Fortunately, such tragedy has not touched close to home, rather in areas such as Connecticut and California.

It is a scenario, however, that could play out in the Ohio Valley. Being proactive with safety plans is paramount in thwarting such senseless crime.

Bridgeport school officials have taken the local lead in being aggressive with making their district a safer environment.

Superintendent Ted Downing and the board of education employed a resource officer for the balance of the academic year to help beef up security. We commend the district for such a move.

To their credit, district officials are hoping to keep a resource officer on duty next school year. We support such a prudent move.

It is one, however, that doesn’t come without a price. A resource officer’s salary isn’t cheap, and that is compounded with continuing state budget cutbacks.

As a result, the Bridgeport Board of Education is placing a 1-mill levy on the May ballot, strictly to fund the position. Should it pass, a resource officer will be on duty for the 2013-14 school year. Should it fail, the position disappears.

The 1-mill levy is not a major burden.

Households with a $75,000 annual income would pay about $20. High-income residents may pay up to $60.

The levy is a a cut-and-dried issue. That being whether or not Bridgeport residents want to pay some extra money for the security of their school district’s students and staff.

Our question is: Can you put a price tag on safety?