‘The Alamo’

Dear Editor,

Once again I write to the staff of our local newspaper to “thank them” for a job well done.

I recently ran into the old newspaper clipping, I sent in years ago at Valentine’s Day weekend. I laughed and had a wonderful recollection of my wife and I first meeting at the “Old Alamo” school house in Bridgeport some 43 years ago. The newspaper had a contest based on who would send in the best story on how they met their “Sweetie”, the very first time. I believe we received an honorable mention out of the top 100. Over the years we have met several couples who also met at the “Alamo” and have been married for many wonderful years. Those days in the 60’s are very much treasured today. So many good and great times in our teenage years. There were several bars and haunts along “Old Forty” in those good ol’ days from Bridgeport to out by Morristown. Some of those were the Melody Manor, The Stone House, Scottie’s Bar, Pick’s Night Club and Elby’s Family Restaurant at Morristown. Also there were the “Drive-In Theaters” along the way. Gather up a car load of friends, a few blankets and off we would go. We took along some other articles also, but we will not mention those as our grandkids might read this article and we wouldn’t want them to know we were that ornery.

As we all look back, as we often do, I often wish and think about those days of pure joy and relaxation. “Oh,” to do it all over again.”

So I say to the youth and young at heart who take the time to read the paper, “Savor your youth and teenage years,” they will be gone in an instant.

I very much believe that LIFE is meant to be loved and enjoyed. To squeeze every drop of fun and laughter out of each and every day and remember, always remember, to give the GOD of your understanding a THANK YOU for living in the best nation and free land of planet earth.

I wish the newspaper would once again, this Valentine’s Day, have the contest of “Where you Met” once again.

As we all look back at those amazing years of youth and adventure, you cannot help but feel a warm and tender glow of thankfulness and gratitude, that we not only survived, but had the opportunity to experience.

It’s all “once-in-a-lifetime, and I will always “Remember The Alamo” and a lifetime of great memories here in the Ohio Valley.

God Bless

Richard A. Lucas