Seven years for Rennicker

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Brock A. Rennicker, 27, incarcerated, was sentenced on one count complicity to aggravated robbery, a felony of the first degree occurring May 25, 2012. He will serve a sentence of seven years, with three years to be served concurrent with a present 40-month sentence in Guernsey County and four years consecutive. He was given credit for 218 days.

He and his brother, Chad Rennicker, were accused of robbing the Colerain PNC Bank using a realistic false gun.

Defense asked Solovan to consider Rennicker’s history of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as the lifelong presence of criminal activity around him beginning at a young age. Defense noted that Rennicker acted as the driver during the crime and had no contact with the victims.

Solovan reviewed Rennicker’s criminal record, noting that it demonstrated a pattern of escalating violent criminal behavior. The Colerain offense was committed while Rennicker was awaiting sentence for robbery in Guernsey County.

He pointed out the lasting emotional and psychological harm inflicted on the victims during the robbery.

“You fail to appreciate the effect that your fake weapon had upon the victims, the bank employees. The emotional impact of this crime was significant. They were in fear for their lives,” he said, adding that aggravated robbery is considered a crime of violence by the law. “It has an effect on people.”

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